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For more than 5 years the brand SYNaqua® has been standing for a widespread product range from swimming pool cleaners to water care products . Let our service and quality convince you!

Professional and individual customer consulting, just-in-time service, constant and high product quality, shortest delivery times and a wide variety of products describe the activities of the business unit HARKE PackServ within SYNaqua® PoolCare

PoolCare from a-z

An ideal pH-value will guarantee bath comfort, longevity of the materials, the pool is made of, and an optimum effect of the water care products.

Conventional disinfection with chlorine does not just kill bacteria, but also eliminates non-filterable organic impurities (algae, bacteria, fungi) by oxidation.

To ensure hygienic clean water-care, it is necessary to keep water and surfaces algae free. Our algae protector is long-lasting effective, pH neutral and eudermic when using it as prescribed/required. 

The disinfection of your pool can also  be practiced without chlorine - namely with active oxygen - a noticeably gentle method for skin and hair.

Regular cleaning and care of your swimming pool is as essential as the cleaning and care of your house / apartment or your car. It should in any case not be neglected or done casually.

There are very small particles in your pool creating a waterturbidity. Most filters are simply unable to filter these tiny particulate materials out of the water.

Sometimes you need special products for special chellange. SYNaqua® Additional Care products can help you to prevent and to remove.

• NanoProtection

• PoolSinfonie

• PoolPflege