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 ß-Cyclodextrin for pharmaceutical applications 

Identity & Application


We offer ß-Cyclodextrin in pharmaceutical quality, and related products for food or technical applications.


Cyclodextrins are cyclic starch derivatives forming a toroid structure with a defined, lipophilic inner cavity, and a somewhat hydrophilic outer surface. This structure allows  the molecule to harbour  a smaller, lipophilic “guest” molecule, which is thereby solubilized, entrapped and/or protected. In solid dosage forms mainly ß-Cyclodextrin is used to increase solubility and bioavailability of poorly watersoluble drugs.


Both wet granulation and direct compression is used. In food applications, it may be used to stabilize lipohilic substances (e.g. essential oils) in an aqueous environment. Cyclodextrins are able to protect guest molecules against stress such as oxygen, heat or light. Cyclodextrins (including α, hydroxypropyl-β, and γ-type) have been used also in parenteral formulations, solutions, suppositories and cosmetics.


Structural Formula of ß-Cyclodextrin


  • Betacyclodextrin Formel
  • Betacyclodextrin CAS



ß-Cyclodextrin, pharmaceutical grade      

food and technical grades

20 kg in paper carton with PE inner bag


technical grade

10 kg paper carton with PE inner bag

α- ß-γ mixed Cyclodextrin

technical grade

20 kg paper carton with PE inner bag


Regulatory Status


Pharmaceutical Grade ß-Cyclodextrin meets EP and USP-NF as well as CP. It complies to  E 459 European food standard, and has a GRAS status in America.

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