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 RapidMask by Dupont 

RapidMask 22

Self-adhesive, photo-technique film for processing flat surfaces. No wash-out necessary! Over the last 20 years photo resist films have been steadily evolving. The first generation of photo resist films freed us from the monotony of weeding as well as the resolution limits of vinyl stencils. The second self-adhesive generation freed us from the drawbacks of liquid adhesives. Now, as when those ancient amphibians took those first breaths, we’ve been freed of water.
Most of us stick with the photo resist film that we first learned. That’s natural. Why spend valuable time changing something that works? 

- Expose - Apply - Blast
- Inverse effect (the areas exposed will discolour)
- High detail fidelity
- No wash-out and drying process


RapidMask™ is the latest film within the HARKE Imaging products. It offers the most user-friendly method to finish flat surfaces.

Our long-time customers as well as newcomers are enthusiastic about this film. Time saving and high detail fidelity speak for it.

The areas to be satined will change colour during the exposure so that no faulty area can be overseen anymore.

RapidMask™ is available in thicknesses of 50 and 100 µm.


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Instructiones de uso RapidMask

Article NoProduct
3601RAPIDMASK HD 50µ 0,21m x 0,30m 25 sheets
3472RAPIDMASK HD 50µ 0,31m x 7,5m
3465RAPIDMASK HD 50µ 0,31m x 30m 
5663RAPIDMASK HD 50µ 0,66m x 3m
3454RAPIDMASK HT 100µ 0,21m x 0,30m 25 sheets
3496RAPIDMASK HT 100µ 0,31m x 7,5m

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