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 Sugar Ester for pharmaceutical applications 



Fatty acid esters of sucrose


Sugar esters are surface-active substances and can be used in a wide HLB range.


The pharmaceutical relevant grades (stearates, palmitates and laurates) are available in a range between HLB 3 and HLB 16.


The pharmaceutical sugar ester grades are from the so called Surfhope SE Pharma series. You can easily identify them by the letter D in front of the grade.


Structural Formula of Sucrose Monostearate




  • Zuckerester Formel
  • Zuckerester CAS



Sugar esters are mixtures of different sucrose esters containing variable quantities of mono-, di-, tri- and polyesters and a different composition of fatty acid fractions.


- Emusification

- Solubilization

- Lubricant for tabletting issues

- HIPE-system (high internal phase emulsions)

- Matrix former for modified release applications

- Glident for coating systems

- Penetration enhancer for topical dosage forms


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Regulatory Status


In case of questions to the regulatory status, please contact our team of pharmaceutical technology.





Article NoProduct Sucrose Laurate



Article NoProduct Sucrose Palmitate
8080D-1615, 10 kg
10924D-1616, 10 kg




Article NoProduct Sucrose Stearate
3481D-1803 F, 10 kg
D-1811 F
9052D-1816, 10 kg



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