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 Carboxy Methylcellulose (Cellogen®) for pharmaceutical applications 



Cellogen® (Sodium Carboxy Methylcellulose, Na-CMC) is a water soluble cellulose ether with manifold applications in a variety of industries.


The compound is physiologically inert, forms strong transparent films, has favorable rheological features and is soluble in cold and hot water.


Structural Formula of Sodium Carboxy Methylcellulose (Na-CMC; Cellogen®)


  • Cellogen Formel
  • Cellogen CAS

Applications pharmaceutical products


Cellogen® might be used as thickener, binder, foam-stabilizer, plasticizer or suspension aid in pharmaceutical or food industry.


The viscosity of solutions depends on the temperature, higher temperatures decrease the viscosity.


Cellogen® solution displays thixotropy.



Applications for PersonalCare products 


For skin care products and hair-care products


Cellogen® is suited for hair-care products and styling products. It creates a creamy character in shampoo and generates a stable foam. In dyestuff for hair it improves the dispersibility and thickens the base components. In addition Cellogen® provides for the fact that hand cremes, bodylotions and shower gels feel pleasant, are good spreadable and not sticky.


For the dental hygiene


In oral care-products Cellogen® is an important component. Cellogen® thickens, stabilizes, emulsifies, forms films and binds water. With it the cellulose provides for the right creaminess in toothpaste, ointments or balm. The different Cellogen® types optimize the viscosity and elasticity of your products and help to develop the "comfortable touch" for your customers.


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Cellogen Tabelle
Article NoProduct
7413Cellogen HP-8A
9713Cellogen HP-SB
10969Cellogen HP-SA
9712Cellogen HP-F
8016Cellogen HP-4H
7565Cellogen HP-5HS
8037Cellogen HP-12HS
7487Cellogen 5A

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