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Do your tablets tend toward capping?


Our solution: Using L-HPC in a tablet formulation can significantly decrease the tendency toward capping.





Are you concerned about unwanted interactions between excipient and active ingredient?


Our solution: Use L-HPC as your excipient. It provides excellent compatibility with active ingredients due to its non-ionic characteristics. Meanwhile L-HPC is approved as E463 for use in nutraceutical applications.





Do your tablets have insufficient solubility?


Our solution: Use L-HPC as a disintegrant. A recent survey shows that pharmaceutical companies in Japan ranked L-HPC as their first choice among tablet disintegrants.





Oral Disintegrating Tablet Systems for Direct Compression


Would you like to develop a fast-dissolving tablet containing your active ingredient?


Our solution: Use F-Melt as an excipient in direct compression. No license fees are required.





Neusilin and Fujicalin are specialized problem solvers, e.g. for flowability improvement or oil absorbtion. Notably, tablet hardness is maintained compared to traditional alternatives.



Medicated Chewing Gum


HiG is an excellent product for medicated chewing gums on standard (rotary) tablet presses.