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Sustained Release



Do you need to develop a matrix system for controlled release applications?
Our solution:  Metolose SR = (HPMC)

Metolose SR has more refined specifications in terms of degree of substitution and a finer particle size than regular Metolose. This makes it an ideal application for a hydrophilic matrix system, both in direct compression and in wet granulation.



High-Viscosity HPMC 


Are you looking for an excipient with hydrogel-forming properties?


Our solution: Metolose SM,  Metolose SH = (HPMC)


The highly viscous SH-types exhibit hydrogel-forming properties. In addition they have water-retention properties and feature reversible thermal gelation.





An alternative approach to diffusion-controlled release systems might be Polyethylenoxide (PEO). Please consult with us!



The easy way 


Adding Value - Cost and Time Saving 


EuRelease: Sustained Release "SR" formulations are widely used as they add value to pharmaceutical products. They benefit pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and of course the patients. The R & D work to establish such products is tedious, time-consuming and expensive.


EuRelease from HARKE Pharma reduces these issues as the API release is dependent on only two variables: Quantity of EuRelease and tablet size.


EuRelease contains only high viscous hypromellose (E 464) and microcrystalline cellulose (E 460) in variable proportions. All materials fully comply to major pharmacopeias and have food status. The mixing process is aligned to HACCP - xGMP will be available upon request.


Contact us to find out how you can add value to your Nutraceutical, OTC or even Rx products with our vast experience in the field of SR and EuRelease!