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Multiple Unit Dosage Forms



Continuous drug distribution and controlled drug release are essential benefits of pellet formulations.


A new innovative pellet form like Cellets combines the advantages of neutral pellets and microcrystalline cellulose.


By layering APIs onto the Cellets, combination and sustained release preparations can be manufactured with outstanding performance in capsule filling or tabletting.





Granulation extrusion is often followed by spheronization. L-HPC is an excellent choice for preparation from plastic masses to traces.


The final pellets have quicker disintegration and lower friability characteristics than those with non-L-HPC formulations.





Capsules may host different dosage forms either alone or in combination, e.g. Cellets, pellets, granules, powders, tablets, micro-capsules as well as - in special capsule shells - liquids.


Various possibilities are available when designing your dosage form. Marketing aspects can also be fulfilled like different colors for capsule-cap and capsule-body, colored fillings, and printing.


Our partner ACG offers Hard Gelatine Capsules and Cellulose Capsules (HPMC) in a wide range of colors and sizes.