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Do you need to protect your dosage form against moisture, mask its taste or protect it against stomach acid?


Our solution:


Pharmacoat (HPMC) as film-former for coating of tablets, pellets and granules


Gohsenol EG-05PW (PVA, Polyvinyl Alcohol) as gastrosoluble polymer with low vapour permeabilty and high adhesion to cores


HP (HPMC-P) as film-former for enteric coating of tablets and granules


AQOAT (HPMC-AS) as film-former for enteric coating of tablets and controlled-release applications


Ethylcellulose (EC) as agent for hydrophobic coating layers and very late drug release


Shellac as film-former for coating tablets, dragées and capsules, as flakes, granules, powder


Aquagold as aqueous Shellac/Ammoniumbicarbonate solution





Do you want to introduce your dosage form (tablet, capsule, pellet) in an individual color into the market?


Would you like to minimize the time needed for batch preparation during manufacturing?


Our solution:


Use EasprayTM, our ready- made colored coating medium for tablet coating.


Any shade can be produced according to customer's requirements.