Metal objects can oxidate during transportation or storage, whereby they become unusable and generate high costs for suppliers.


An effective method to protect your products from corrosion is offered by the VCI anti-corrosion films. These generate a protective membrane inside of the package through their encapsulated VCI crystals, which stop the corrosive effect of water or air reliably and long-lasting. The term VCI stands for volatile corrosion inhibitor. Contrary to protection layers of oil or wax, which are very difficult to remove, the advantage of the VCI film is its easier usage. VCI films can simply be applied and removed, then the active agent sublimates without residue after unpacking.


Fields of Application
Using the VCI film BOSELON® you can protect for example high-value automotive parts, sensitive machines, steel or wire coils from corrosion. The anti-corrosion film BOSELON® developed by AICELLO more than 40 years ago is successfully used in the steal industry, in mechanical engineering and in the automotive sector.


Properties of the film
Our VCI film is transparent and allows inspecting the parts without opening the package. Moreover, the VCI film is heat-sealable, can be recycled and used on automatic packaging machines.


To match your individual application we offer you a selection of high-quality VCI films. The properties of the films range from intensive corrosion prevention up to very hard-wearing tear-resistance. We help you to optimize your costs as for instance by reducing the film thickness according to your needs.


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Which formats of the VCI films do we offer?
- Cut sheets - Sheets on rolls
- Flat Bags
- Square bottom bags


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