Welcome to HARKE PackPro

The business unit HARKE PackPro (Packaging Products) offers individual packaging solutions for the protection of your products.

  • Are you producing valuable, sensible, highly pure chemicals that have to be protected against contamination?
  • Are you producing innovative detergents or cleaning agents, which are to combine design and functionality?
  • Or are you producing metall products that have to be protected against corrosion?

We offer you in either case multiply packaging soloutions.

From clean containers, that are produced in a controlled atmosphere, via high -grade anticorrosion films, which allow you to efficiently protect your various metal parts against corrosion, up to watersoluble, biodegradable PVAL-films for your detergents or cleaning agents - our products are famous for their quality.

If you are interested in novel, innovative packaging possibilities, we would be glad to receive your inquiries.