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ImageBlast DecoSystems

Whereas in many places the sandblasting mask is tediously cut out by hand, today the trend is turning to the sandblasting resilient photoresist technology.


1: Print out the artwork on our transparency foil by an inkjet printer
2: Copy the printed artwork with an uv-exposure unit to one of our sandblasting resilient photoresists
3: Apply the ready made stencil to any substrate and sandblast

There is nothing left to stop your creativity!!!  


Our ImageBlast Deco Systems are available from DIN A4 sizes up to 1,3m x 3,5m. If you need further assistance please contact us by eMail: Icon Email Linkimaging(at) or by phone +49 (0) 208 3069-1550

Make a printout of your artwork via inkjet printer on our transparency film.

Expose your artwork by the use of an uv-exposure unit to one of our special made photoresist materials. 

Apply the ready made stencil to glass, stone, ceramic, metal, composites,plastic, wood - or any other material and etch your design to it by sandblasting.