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 Water Soluble Films/Bags (Solublon) 

User friendly, environmentally safe, economically sound


SOLUBLON® is a water-soluble film based on the synthesis of polyvinyl alcohol (PVAL), a polymer which was developed in Germany during the 1920's. Together with our Japanese partner AICELLO we introduced the first grade of PVAL cold-water soluble film SOLUBLON® in 1961 to package agrochemicals.


Since that time SOLUBLON® has been commercially successful in a variety of industries. The film's ability to isolate its contents from the point of packaging to the point of film dissolution protects the environment / workers from exposure to the contents and keeps the secondary package contamination-free, eliminating container disposal problems. This "closed handling system" has come to be recognized as the preferred method of transporting, storing and handling toxic and other problematic liquids, powders and solids.


By combining over 60 years of film production expertise with an active research and development program dedicated to advancing film technology, AICELLO has firmly established herself as the world's leading manufacturer of water-soluble films. Today we offer a range of unique films as well as a variety of related support services.


SOLUBLON®, the innovative, water-soluble and biodegradable PVAL-film allows to pack powdery and liquid substances and to dissolve the products specificly in water. The film protects the skin against direct contact  with aggressive detergents, agro chemicals or bled products - the multifunctional film is used by various industries as packaging material, mold release film and laundry bags as well as for inkjet moulding and watertransfer application; it allows for an exact dosage.  

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