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Oct. 14 - 16, 2015 Fulda/Germany


Putech 2015


Nov. 12 - 14, 2015 Istanbul/Turkey

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  • Quex 15 is a 15 % solution of the Na salts of trimercaptotriazine. The main area of application for Quex 15 is...
    25 Aug
  • Quex 15 is a 15 % solution of the Na salts of trimercaptotriazine. The main area of application for Quex 15 is...
    25 Aug


Product Variety and Professional Advice - More than 15 years of experience in water treatment

For many years HARKE Chemicals GmbH / HARKE AquaCare has been engaged in a safe, gentle and careful water treatment / water management by demanding a great deal of their chemical products in order to guarantee the treatment of the raw material „water" to be effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. Cleanliness and safety focus our activities.


Image before LinksDrinking Water Treatment Preserves our Elixir

To supply mankind with drinking water – whether in the urban agglomeration or far away in the country – is one of the biggest challenges of the modern community. On basis of a responsible handling of the most important foodstuff „water" HARKE AquaCare provides their customers among others with sodium chlorite, an important disinfectant, which we distribute for one of the most well-known producers of Europe.


Image before LinksWaste Water Treatment Assures our Quality of Life

Furthermore we support the municipal and industrial sewage plants with their water treatment and so contribute to the conservation of our quality of life. With the broad range of our product portfolio we almost cover any application field within the municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Long-term contacts, intensive technical advice and customised service focus our service offers, which are being completed by our competence in distribution of ferric and aluminium salts as well as flocculants.


Image before LinksProcess Water Increases our Activities

No matter for which application you use water – our employees are well grounded in the know-how of water treatment and would like to advise you in any direction.


Our chemicals moreover become widely accepted with the waste water treatment of industrial effluents – those are, for instance, used in cooling circuits of power plants and waste incineration plants.